What is WHOIS Privacy?

WHOIS Privacy is a service which can be added to your domain name. When a domain name is registered, your personal information is attached to the domain name and is visible to the public. The WHOIS Privacy service updates your domain name with our company’s information, protecting your identity.

How much does the protection service cost?

DigitalPrivacy.co does not charge end users directly. The service is provided through our partner registrars. You can find the price for the service at the partner registrar website.

Where can I enable WHOIS privacy?

To enable WHOIS Privacy for your domain name, you may purchase it through one of our partner registrars.

Which extensions support WHOIS privacy?

For a list of supported domain extensions, please visit one of our partner registrars. We offer WHOIS Privacy on most generic domain name extensions (gTLDs), many country code extensions (ccTLDs) as well as a variety of internationalized domain name extensions (IDNs).

How does DigitalPrivacy.co protect my information?

When you choose DigitalPrivacy.co as your provider for private WHOIS, your private contact information will be replaced by Digital Privacy Corporation’s information. This will stop all unwanted emails and mail from spammers and advertisers, yet will keep you in touch with potential customers and partners!

How do you protect me from SPAM?

Our advanced email filtering system will recognize and stop spam, while forwarding legitimate emails sent to you as the domain owner. We also provide tools which allow each domain owner to reset the private email address assigned to their domain and create a new one, which will not be receiving anymore spam. This can be done as many times as the customer needs.

Do I still have ownership of my domain name?

Yes, you still have ownership of your domain name after WHOIS Privacy is enabled. The WHOIS Privacy service does not change the owner of the domain name it only protects your identity.

Do I lose a control of my domain in anyway, when using DigitalPrivacy?

Absolutely not. You will have the same FULL CONTROL over your domain. You will still be the only one who can:

  • Sell or transfer your domain
  • Edit and change name servers
  • Update any contact or personal information
  • Turn on or off private WHOIS
  • Resolve complaints related to your domain

Do I still have to enter my valid personal information when buying a new domain together with DigitalPrivacy?

Yes. Using DigitalPrivacy.co’s service does not remove any responsibilities from you as a domain registrant. You are still required to provide valid information when registering a new domain. The only difference is that your information will not show up in public WHOIS databases to be accessed by anyone.

Will I have any trouble buying SSL certificates while using DigitalPrivacy service?

SSL certificate providers must verify the domain name’s registrant information in the WHOIS database. This is why we provide all necessary tools and recommend turning off WHOIS PRivacy for a period of time while you are in the process of getting a SSL certificate. After the SSL certificate is issued and active, you can easily switch the service back on free of charge.

When does the DigitalPrivacy service expire?

The service expires simultaneously with the domain expiration date.